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What Is A BFOR And Why Does It Matter?

What is a BFOR and Why Does It Matter?

When you’re on the hunt for that perfect candidate, there are a lot of moving parts and things to keep in mind: What kind of education, skills, experience, and personal attributes are “must-haves” in an ideal candidate? What are the…

Accommodating Service Animals In The Workplace

Accommodating Service Animals in the Workplace

Animals in the workplace—for many of us, this sounds like a great idea, and there are certainly big pluses to having pets around at work, including decreased stress levels and a more positive work environment. The result is that an…

Understanding BC’s Human Rights Code

Understanding BC’s Human Rights Code

Have you heard about the upcoming changes to BC’s Human Rights Code? Last week, the BC Liberals announced that they'll be introducing new legislation before the end of the month—the amendment adds language explicitly preventing discrimination against someone because of…

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