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4 Ways To Support A Healthy Workplace

4 Ways to Support a Healthy Workplace

It’s October again, and we all know what that means…cozy sweaters, jack-o-lanterns, crunchy leaves, frosted windshields, Halloween candy testing our willpower, and, of course, Healthy Workplace Month! At Engaged HR, we work hard every month to promote health in the…

Managing An Emergency: What Employers Need To Know

Managing an Emergency: What Employers Need to Know

Many British Columbians were forced to flee from their homes this summer due to the devastating wildfires that ravaged communities across the province. While the distressing effects to individuals affected by the mandatory evacuations may be apparent, something that might…

Doctors Are Sick Of Doctor’s Notes

Doctors Are Sick of Doctor’s Notes

Currently, many employers have a policy in place to mandate a doctor’s note from their employees to confirm that they are off work due to sickness or medical reasons. This is a fairly common practice, though it has been a…

Summertime Productivity: Key To Work-Life Balance

Summertime Productivity: Key to Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance – we hear about it, we talk about it, and we try to make it happen. And though it isn’t always easy to achieve, most employers are aware of the importance of encouraging that balance. After all, the…

Understanding Disabilities: Your Duty To Accommodate

Understanding Disabilities: Your Duty to Accommodate

Engaged HR is pleased to have Aidan Love share his story in this week’s blog post: Whether we experience it firsthand or not, there are common stigmas and stereotypes attached to people with disabilities. As an employer, it can be a…

How To Spot The Signs: Mental Illness At Work

How to Spot the Signs: Mental Illness at Work

January 25th marked the annual Bell “Let’s Talk” Day – a day aimed at encouraging conversation to end the stigma surrounding mental illness. "Changes in work habits are chalked up to poor performance, when the root cause is actually a…

9 Reasons To Prioritize Workplace Wellness

9 Reasons to Prioritize Workplace Wellness

Chances are, you know workplace wellness is important, but it often isn’t prioritized. Getting on board the workplace wellness train and actively supporting employees’ health is seen as a “nice to have” or something to implement “down the line”. But…

Healthy Workplace – Wellness Tips That Stick

Healthy Workplace – Wellness Tips That Stick

As the weather cools and the skies get darker, our healthy habits often go out the window. With the arrival of crummy weather, it can be tempting to hunker down at work wearing a cozy sweater, with a mocha in…

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