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Conflict Resolution: 5 Strategies For Workplaces

Conflict Resolution: 5 Strategies for Workplaces

Every workplace experiences conflict. Whether it’s a tiff over whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher or deep disagreement over an impending merger, in today’s unpredictable business world, conflict is the one constant. Conflict in general isn’t necessarily a…

Doctors Are Sick Of Doctor’s Notes

Doctors Are Sick of Doctor’s Notes

Currently, many employers have a policy in place to mandate a doctor’s note from their employees to confirm that they are off work due to sickness or medical reasons. This is a fairly common practice, though it has been a…

Approved For Takeoff: Corporate Travel Policies

Approved for Takeoff: Corporate Travel Policies

More and more employees are working remotely, and evolving technology makes it relatively easy to do business from afar most of the time. But sometimes there’s no substitute for showing up in person, which means work travel has become an…

Accommodating Service Animals In The Workplace

Accommodating Service Animals in the Workplace

Animals in the workplace—for many of us, this sounds like a great idea, and there are certainly big pluses to having pets around at work, including decreased stress levels and a more positive work environment. The result is that an…

Emergency Preparedness: Is Your Workplace Ready?

Emergency Preparedness: Is Your Workplace Ready?

Are you ready for an emergency? If there was a fire, a flood, an earthquake, or an accident tomorrow, would everyone in your organization know what to do? If you couldn’t respond to those questions with an emphatic “Yes!”, don’t…

Creating Trans-Affirming Workplaces

Creating Trans-Affirming Workplaces

Engaged HR is pleased to have guest blogger Kingsley Strudwick of Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting share their thoughts in this week’s blog. After many decades of grassroots organizing, we’ve seen an unprecedented acknowledgement of the transgender community in the past few…

Dress Code Challenges In Multi-Generational Workplaces

Dress Code Challenges in Multi-Generational Workplaces

Fashion is always changing, and societal norms constantly shift to reflect the latest trends. While these shifts often start outside the business world, changing fashion trends inevitably creep their way into the workplace, often creating dress code headaches for employers.…

The Essential Guide To Office Pranks

The Essential Guide to Office Pranks

April 1st falls on a Saturday in 2017, which means that most of us will be safe from office pranksters this year. But anyone who’s watched The Office knows that workplace pranks aren’t always reserved for April Fools Day. A…

Prevent Bullying: Promote A Culture Of Respect

Prevent Bullying: Promote a Culture of Respect

February 22nd marks Pink Shirt Day, a day aimed at raising awareness and ending bullying. There’s been a spotlight on bullying in the workplace since the introduction of Bill 14, and Pink Shirt Day presents another opportune moment to focus…

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