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Background Checks – Proceed With Caution

Background Checks – Proceed with Caution

Most employers know that conducting reference checks is a wise step when you hire. But most candidates can find 3 former coworkers or managers who will say positive things about them. And if they can’t, that’s a pretty big red…

The Business Benefits To Hiring Remote Workers

The Business Benefits to Hiring Remote Workers

You’ve heard us talk about this before, but it bears repeating – it’s a tight job market right now, and it’s tough to find qualified candidates! In Canada, unemployment rates are at an all-time low, and it’s a challenge for…

Do Your Spreadsheets Drive You Crazy?

Do Your Spreadsheets Drive You Crazy?

With the first quarter of the new year well underway, you just might be behind already in updating your spreadsheets, in running your reports and in being able to streamline your processes. For many of us, we would love to…

What Is A BFOR And Why Does It Matter?

What is a BFOR and Why Does It Matter?

When you’re on the hunt for that perfect candidate, there are a lot of moving parts and things to keep in mind: What kind of education, skills, experience, and personal attributes are “must-haves” in an ideal candidate? What are the…

Why You Should Hire Candidates Who Scare You

Why You Should Hire Candidates Who Scare You

Don’t get us wrong…when it comes to employee work habits, safety is usually a good thing. Operating heavy equipment, running power lines, driving vehicles – all require a high degree of attention and sensitivity to safety. If that safety attitude…

How To Compete When You Can’t Pay Them More

How to Compete When You Can’t Pay Them More

In an ideal world, we’d all have an endless queue of experienced, well-educated, “perfect fit” applicants beating down the door and throwing their resumes in our direction in their desperation to join our teams. In the real world, it’s becoming…

The Secret To Employee Retention: Stay Interviews

The Secret to Employee Retention: Stay Interviews

It’s no secret that it’s a tight market right now for qualified candidates. And for employers, this means that if your top performers are looking to leave, chances are good they’ll have an easy time finding a new position. Back-filling…

Why Phone Screens Matter – A Recruitment Must

Why Phone Screens Matter – A Recruitment Must

Have you ever wondered where your time is best spent during the recruitment process? If you ask us, phone screen interviews are the best bang for your buck! Phone screens are a quick alternative to conducting initial in-person interviews. They…

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