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Do Your Spreadsheets Drive You Crazy?

Do Your Spreadsheets Drive You Crazy?

With the first quarter of the new year well underway, you just might be behind already in updating your spreadsheets, in running your reports and in being able to streamline your processes. For many of us, we would love to…

The Secret To Employee Retention: Stay Interviews

The Secret to Employee Retention: Stay Interviews

It’s no secret that it’s a tight market right now for qualified candidates. And for employers, this means that if your top performers are looking to leave, chances are good they’ll have an easy time finding a new position. Back-filling…

Back To School – Why Education Matters

Back to School – Why Education Matters

With summer behind us and cool weather approaching, back to school time is here. While the term “back to school” typically conjures images of school-aged children, high school or post-secondary students marching off to school with backpacks, employers can also…

Why Succession Planning Matters

Why Succession Planning Matters

You’ve hired for fit, you’ve got the right people in the right roles, and everything is humming along smoothly. Everyone knows what they need to be doing, and you’ve put together a high-performing, cohesive team. Though it can be tempting…

Creating Trans-Affirming Workplaces

Creating Trans-Affirming Workplaces

Engaged HR is pleased to have guest blogger Kingsley Strudwick of Ambit Gender Diversity Consulting share their thoughts in this week’s blog. After many decades of grassroots organizing, we’ve seen an unprecedented acknowledgement of the transgender community in the past few…

Micro-Learning – The New School Of Training

Micro-Learning – The New School of Training

We all know the feeling of attending a less-than-engaging workshop or course. You’re passively slouched, chugging coffee, playing with your pen, and struggling to keep your eyes open during lecture-style training. You know it’s likely useful information, so you do…

5 Ways To Engage Your Seasonal Employees

5 Ways to Engage Your Seasonal Employees

As the school year wraps up and businesses kick into summer gear, many organizations are looking to add temporary employees or summer students to their team. But engaging and retaining seasonal employees comes with a unique set of challengers for…

How To Tame A Bully

How To Tame A Bully

Pink Shirt Day is coming up on February 24th, so it’s the perfect time to look at bullying in the workplace and how to prevent it. Workplace bullying is an epidemic—28 percent of employees have felt bullied at work, and…

Is This In Your Job Description?

Is This in Your Job Description?

I think we can all agree that job descriptions are important. A good job description will make sure that employee duties align with your organization’s mission, vision, and values. Recruiting becomes easier when the position’s scope has been clearly articulated,…

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