What Does It Mean To Have An Engaged Workplace?

Blog Image - July 8

You have probably heard the term “employee engagement” in reference to various descriptors and trends for the workplace. But what does this really mean? And why do you need employees that are engaged?

To us, engaged employees can bring a wealth of value to an organization.

  • Engaged employees are more involved in fulfilling the strategic vision of their organization.
  • Engaged employees are committed to their organization, which means they are less likely to pursue employment somewhere else.
  • Engaged employees are ambassadors for their organization, bringing in more business and/or enhancing your reputation.
  • Engaged employees take personal responsibility for their engagement and for their contribution to the organization.

Engagement is a two way street and our premise, at Engaged, is that it takes both engaged employees AND engaged employers to create an engaged workplace.

An engaged workplace means that you have a team of people whose professional goals align with the organizations goals. When you commit to creating an engaged workplace, you gain a harmonious environment in which each team member is invested in the success of your business or organization. Depending on your goals, this can mean a more prominent profile in your industry, a stellar reputation as an in-demand employer, or a better bottom line.

When I first started researching and looking for a definition of employee engagement, this video really helped me gain a better understanding of what employee engagement means for the workplace.

This video really answers the question – How does employee engagement contribute to an engaged workplace? While the concepts in the video target larger organizations, the principles remain the same for organizations and businesses of any size.

Your Engaged Assignment: Every organization is made up of different levels of employee engagement. Take a look around your organization and assess what kinds of engagement you see. What about your own engagement? Do you see anything you need to do differently to change what you see for the better?