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Flexibility Is A Game Changer

Flexibility is a Game Changer

By: Lyndsey Nelson Attracting and retaining top talent is one of the biggest challenges in workplaces today. Employers are constantly looking for ways to keep and engage this talent and offer something that other organizations may not be. Flexibility in…

What Kind Of Employer Are You?

What Kind of Employer Are You?

We get calls all the time from employers who are looking for advice on how to deal with the issues arising from managing people. The caller isn't sure what to do in a particular situation and they are looking for…

Make Work Fun!

Make Work Fun!

By Lyndsey Nelson It’s time to take a moment and incorporate some fun into the workplace! With the increase in workloads, emails and distractions at work, it can often be hard to focus on doing things that build team and…

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