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6 Secrets To Beat The Winter Blues In Your Office

6 Secrets to Beat the Winter Blues in Your Office

Recently I've noticed a number of online mentions about the end of January having a "Blue Monday" which has been labelled as the most depressing day of the year. Many factors contribute to this such as credit card bills with…

4 Ways To Foster Learning On Your Team

4 Ways to Foster Learning On Your Team

The start of a new year often brings up the annual performance review and discussions about what kind of performance goals to set for the year ahead. As important as it is to focus on performance goals, the performance review…

Are You Avoiding A Difficult Conversation?

Are You Avoiding a Difficult Conversation?

Providing feedback or disciplining employees can be a hard part of a supervisor or manager’s job. They can be difficult conversations to have, but are extremely important to set expectations for good behaviour and conduct from employees. The purpose of…

Creating An Effective Performance Management System

Creating an Effective Performance Management System

Do you dread conducting the annual performance review with your employees? Do you feel like it takes forever to prepare for it, and that your performance management system isn’t even accomplishing what it’s meant to do? We wouldn’t be surprised…

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