The Power of “Team Building”


Every organization, that is more than a one person company, has a team. You can be team of 2 or a team of 20 and you are still a team. The best part about being a part of an organization can be your team. However, we often find that time together as a team is in short supply. We are all so focused on our work and in whom we serve as a part of that work that we rarely get time to lift our heads and focus on those that are walking this work journey with us.

Take Engaged for example. We are a busy consulting firm with 6 team members and we are serving many clients concurrently. We love our work and are thrilled to have the opportunity to be in service to our clients, however, we as a team rarely have an opportunity to spend time together. In fact, the majority of our team members work from home or on-site at a client’s office so we don’t even all work together in the same place. And, we don’t all work on the same projects at the same time. But we are still a team and we are a team who doesn’t know each other that well. Can you relate?

We decided to fix this. We decided to be our own client, and to focus on ourselves, as we came together as a team for a day. It was tough but we turned off our phones, looked up and around and turned our attention to our teammates. We asked ourselves some great questions: Who are we as individuals? What are our Strengths? What is our Why? How can we support each other as we do this great work?

We laughed, we learned and we shared. It was an opportunity to learn more about each other and more about the impact we want to have on this world. We walked away inspired, on a bit of a sugar high (what can I say, there was lots of chocolate involved!) and more connected to each other than we have been in the past. It was a milestone moment for us as a team and for us as a company, which I have to say feels pretty damn good.

“Team building” can be such an over-used term and people shy away from it as being too old school. We aren’t afraid to do some team-building because what this actually felt like was moments of connection, inspiration and deepening of relationships. And who doesn’t want more of that in their lives?

Team-building actually feels like moments of connection, inspiration and deepening of relationships.”

Your Engaged Assignment: Are you a part of a team? When was the last time you spent time together just working on your connection to each other? Is now a good time to do it? Send a meeting invite, buy some chocolate and make it happen. Amazing things can happen! If you need some help, give us a call, we would love to help you with your team building moments.