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Understanding BC’s Human Rights Code

Understanding BC’s Human Rights Code

Have you heard about the upcoming changes to BC’s Human Rights Code? Last week, the BC Liberals announced that they'll be introducing new legislation before the end of the month—the amendment adds language explicitly preventing discrimination against someone because of…

4 Secrets For Defusing Workplace Drama

4 Secrets for Defusing Workplace Drama

Every workplace has some degree of office politics to navigate. Even small, super-cohesive teams have minor drama come up every now and then. And it can have pretty negative effects—letting workplace drama fester creates a toxic environment, raises levels of…

Beating The Summer Slump: Exercise At Work

Beating the Summer Slump: Exercise at Work

Exercise. We all know we should be doing more of it, but life sometimes gets in the way. Work, family, friends … it seems like everybody is making demands on your time, and there’s just not enough of it to…

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