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Onboarding Checklist: Set Them Up For Success

Onboarding Checklist: Set Them Up For Success

With the new calendar year well underway, many employers are looking ahead and thinking about what is coming down the pipeline. For most organizations, the new year brings a fresh start, with new projects, new initiatives, and new team members.…

Prevent Bullying: Promote A Culture Of Respect

Prevent Bullying: Promote a Culture of Respect

February 22nd marks Pink Shirt Day, a day aimed at raising awareness and ending bullying. There’s been a spotlight on bullying in the workplace since the introduction of Bill 14, and Pink Shirt Day presents another opportune moment to focus…

Simple Strategies For A Family Friendly Workplace

Simple Strategies for a Family Friendly Workplace

With Family Day right around the corner, we are all looking forward to spending some quality time with our families. With family in mind, there is no better time for employers to consider the importance and benefits of incorporating family…

Are Your Appreciation Efforts Missing The Mark?

Are Your Appreciation Efforts Missing the Mark?

Think money is what will keep your employees happy? Think again. 79% of people cite feeling under-appreciated as a key reason for leaving a job.  While most people work to pay the bills, money isn’t the primary reason people stay…

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