Onboarding Checklist: Set Them Up for Success

With the new calendar year well underway, many employers are looking ahead and thinking about what is coming down the pipeline. For most organizations, the new year brings a fresh start, with new projects, new initiatives, and new team members.

While hiring the perfect person is a big part of adding to your team, making sure your new employee sticks around is equally important. And a solid onboarding process is a crucial element to preventing turnover and setting your new employee up to succeed in those first days, weeks and months.

A successful onboarding process ensures that your new employee understands the organization’s mission, philosophy, and objectives, knows what their role is, and feels like they’re part of the team. Making a new hire feel comfortable and included from day one helps the employee become a successful member of your organization, establishes the foundation for future success, and accelerates the time required for the employee to become productive.

A successful onboarding process:

  • Helps new employees identify with the organization
  • Introduces the organization’s vision, culture and priorities
  • Builds a positive attitude towards the organization
  • Helps the employee feel valued and welcomed
  • Creates a sense of belonging and encourages community-building between coworkers
  • Reduces new employee anxiety
  • Introduces the role and establishes performance expectations
  • Decreases the learning curve for new employees

Thinking about adding to your team in the new year but don’t have a solid onboarding process in place already? The onboarding plan starts long before your new employee does, so now’s the time to map it out!

Your Engaged Assignment: If you generally “wing it” with onboarding, but want to make the process smoother, we’ve got your back—download and print our free New Hire Checklist to help guide you through the process of preparing for your new employee to start and ensure a successful transition for both of you.