Simple Strategies for a Family Friendly Workplace

With Family Day right around the corner, we are all looking forward to spending some quality time with our families. With family in mind, there is no better time for employers to consider the importance and benefits of incorporating family into the workplace. Employees with healthier work-life balances are more likely to remain loyal and committed to their employer, care more about the quality of their work, and ultimately perform to their potential.

Showing consideration for family emergencies helps instill a sense of loyalty in your employees and grows a strong workplace culture.

So, what can employers do to support families? While we can’t all be the Googles of the world and offer employees and their families luxurious amenities, there are a few simple and cost-effective ways employers can integrate families into the workplace and help balance out the “work-life” scale.

1. Get to know them. This seems simple, but it’s something managers often neglect. Get involved and make an effort to get to know your employees. It can be as easy as asking, “How are your kids/wife/husband/partner?” Getting to know employees on an individual basis will increase your ability to address and meet their needs. Who better to consult about how to support your team than employees themselves!

2. Be flexible. Schedules don’t have to be set in stone; in fact, flexibility can support productivity, since employees won’t be anxiously clock-watching while they juggle work and family demands. Allowing for employees to take the time they need to deal with family matters at the start or end of the day helps keep employees focused on work and avoid unnecessary stress.

3. Incorporate your own workplace family night into your annual corporate calendar. Bringing your coworkers and their families together creates a strong workplace culture that builds lasting relationships. Not sure of what kind of activity to host? Here are a few easy ideas:

  • Host a corporate movie night for employees and their families with the screening of a family-friendly movie, pizza, and popcorn.
  • Host an arts and crafts night and invite the whole family to take part in embracing their creative sides while having fun with their families and coworkers.
  • Invite the office and their families to the ice rink for some hot chocolate and social skating.

4. Be accommodating. Life is full of curve balls and having an employee at work during a stressful personal time can be counter-productive and harmful to their situation. Allow employees unpaid time off when needed so they can deal with complicated life events. Showing consideration for family emergencies helps instill a sense of loyalty in your employees and grows a strong workplace culture.

Your Engaged Assignment: In the weeks following Family Day, take some time to meet with your employees and discuss their long weekend. Showing just a bit of interest can have a much bigger impact than expected and help you as an employer develop strategies to grow your family-friendly workplace.