Update on the BC Restart Plan

On May 6, 2020 Premier John Horgan announced details of the plan to restart the BC economy and the easing to some health measures.

The plan calls for a phased approach to the easing of restrictions on individuals and organizations and will likely result in businesses re-opening their doors over the next several weeks.

We are currently in Phase 1 of the BC Restart Plan and the next phase (Phase 2) will start in mid-May and will see the restoration of health services, including re-scheduling of elective surgery, dentistry, physiotherapy, chiropractors, and other similar services.

This next phase will also see the re-opening of the retail sector, restaurants, cafes, pubs, office-based worksites, parks and beaches, as well as childcare services.

While businesses are allowed to restart, distancing measures will need to continue to be in place for the foreseeable future.

Phase 3 is estimated to begin in June and last through September. It will see hotels and resorts reopen, a broader reopening of parks, the film industry, select entertainment such as movie theatres and symphony, but no large concerts or events. Post-secondary and K-12 education will also resume in stages.

Phase 4, which is a return to pre-COVID-19 life will not start until a vaccine is available or community immunity is established. No timetable was provided for this Phase.

Any business wishing to reopen are encouraged to engage with their employees and customers to find the right approach to a safe restart. WorkSafeBC will work with industry association to provide direction and guidance, and will work with employers and workers to provide educational materials and consultations.

Under the plan, employers will be required to review the new Health and Safety Guidelines, best practices, and other resources on WorkSafeBC.com and adapt these materials into an appropriate COVID Safe Plans for your workplace.

Important to note that these restart plans may change depending on the transmission rates of COVID-19 and may change quickly based on medical advice.

For additional information and to obtain help with planning the safe reopening of your business, contact Engaged.