Going Beyond Fractional HR

It’s difficult to spend any time on LinkedIn and other platforms without running into an article or an opinion about fractional HR and the benefits it can provide organizations. And there is a reason for that – it works, and it provides good value for any organization that needs HR support, but not in a full-time capacity. Some of the benefits include lower financial commitment, enhanced objectivity, and an ability to add expertise to address specific, short-term needs such as implementing an HRIS, or conducting a compensation survey, etc.

As one of the first organizations to provide this service in Canada we are “veterans” in the growing field of fractional HR and have been providing fractional HR services since 2011. We see this trend continuing to grow in popularity as evidenced by the many new entrants in the marketplace.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

At Engaged we are always looking for ways to take things to the next level, and more recently, we’ve done that with fractional HR. We call it Managed HR, but feel free to think of it as fractional HR on steroids. We provide dedicated team-based support at all levels, from the HR assistant, to the CHRO, and every role in between. Our ability to ebb and flow with organizational needs is what sets us apart and creates a service that goes far beyond what other HR organizations and sole practitioners can provide. We come equipped with the latest tools and expertise and we leverage those to the benefit of our clients. We are also able to provide these services at a scale that not many can duplicate. And we do this in every province and territory in Canada.

Managed HR Services

At Engaged we are true generalists. We support organizations throughout the employee life cycle, starting with an organizational strategy that attracts the best talent and positions the organization as a destination employer. We ensure job descriptions are up to date, compensation structures are transparent and equitable, and legal agreements with employees reflect the latest case-law, employment standards, and best practices. We then unleash our dedicated Talent Solutions team to hire their next star employee.

We onboard new employees and work with people managers to evaluate and monitor their progress, identifying growth opportunities, and contributing to their success. We provide performance management frameworks, dedicated training support, and if necessary, a discipline framework. We don’t just do this work; we also empower managers with the knowledge and skills required to do it themselves. And if the situation becomes so severe that it requires professional facilitation services, or expert workplace investigations, we manage those too.

At the same time, we work with organizational leadership team to create an enduring people strategy that helps fulfil our mission of transforming workplaces. We do this by embedding ourselves into the organization, building enduring relationships, growing with the organization and serving as its ‘corporate memory’ for the people side of the organization. Some of our team members have worked with the same organization for longer than many of its full-time continuing staff, including some in leadership roles.

We know that this is the model for the future, and we also know that there is, and there should be, more that we can do. For that, we have a team that spends their time with one task in mind: Find new and creative ways to enhance the value of our services, while keeping us at the forefront of innovative HR services delivery. Today, that is Managed HR Services. Who knows what the next iteration will bring?

While the traditional model of fractional HR does work there is also something magical that happens when a team of 30 HR professionals, with a diversity of opinions and experiences, tackles a singular challenge for an organization – we call it ‘the hive mind’. It’s where our best ideas come from, and it’s where we provide the ultimate in value for our clients.

We are Engaged and we Transform Workplaces. How can we help you?