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Who do you want to be a human to? Sounds crazy I know but in today’s busy workplaces, this can get lost and sometimes we are just numbers, just tasks on someone’s to-do list or even just someone’s problem. What if, instead of being a something, we were a someone. Someone that people at work cared about. Someone that people at work noticed and appreciated.

Check out this video from MindValley. They totally have it right and I am in love with the idea of Love Week. What about you?

What Happens When Love is Part of Your Job Description for 5 Days?Tweet:

Your Engaged HR Assignment:

Consider involving your organization or company in Love Week. Create an opportunity for your employees to connect with one another in a meaningful way by sharing this video with them and encouraging them to adopt a similar practice. Watch the magic that can happen when you make “love” a part of your team’s job description for a week. Don’t forget to also share with us how it goes! Leave your feedback in the comments below.

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