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Raving Fans

Raving Fans

Engaged HR is fortunate to work with some amazing clients and they are nice enough to say some great things about us!

EngagedHR is very professional and brings a real human touch to having to deal with challenging HR issues. A pleasure to work with and I highly recommend.

Thank you  for taking the initiative to put together the new hires boot camp this week. I know this takes a lot of organization, work and initiative on your end to champion and coordinate.  I think this is a very important  initiative and an excellent way to get employees up and running quickly. I think it does a great service to all departments and is a real morale booster for a new hire to be cared for and lead through their first couple of days with the company. It also allows us to clearly and firmly get everyone on the same page quickly. I think it also really promotes cross departmental relationships early,  which I think helps us remove silos and work more collaboratively.    I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with and meet all of the new hires. I think this type of initiative really shows the value that HR delivers to our organization as we grow and look to set ourselves up for success. Thank you again for all your work in putting it together.  It is very much appreciated!

You will find the most satisfaction working with Denise Lloyd at Engaged HR if you are prepared to do a bit of your own soul searching and to answer honestly when you ask those harmless little questions that yield the most insightful and positive results. You very skilled at translating complex ideas into simple explanations that make people go … ahhh I get it!

Perfectly tailored to our organization’s needs, in terms of scope and magnitude. Very reasonable and practical.

The services provided to our organization by Engaged HR were of the highest quality; Denise Lloyd is an impressive human resource professional who possesses a high level of expertise and experience, demonstrated by the results of her work. In addition to delivering prompt and personalized client service, Denise combines her skills and talents to execute a project with a very ‘customized’ – not a ‘one size fits all’ – approach. Always diplomatic and professional in her interactions, she brings a unique mix of intuition, creativity, fun and flexibility to her projects. She is a pleasure to work with, and I would not hesitate to employ her services for my company’s future human resource consulting needs.

Best experience I have had with an HR professional.

I really appreciated the fact that Denise became ‘part of our team’ in our hiring process, rather than simply a facilitator of the process.

I have had the pleasure of working with Denise and Engaged HR for several months. I find her knowledge is broad and she is a true professional. She has conducted on site staff training, assisted with the hiring process and has been a sounding board for HR decisions that I needed to make. She is easy to work with – always punctual for appointments and has always been quick to respond to email questions that seem to arise constantly. I am so happy to have Denise as my HR consultant and would highly recommend Denise and Engaged HR to anyone that needs HR assistance in their business.

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