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Arie Epstein

Having grown up along with the internet, I began my career in the Information Technology field. At the time, it seemed like the natural progression of my love for technology, and my need to solve problems. Over time, I’ve obtained degrees in Systems Analysts, Programming, and Project Management, all of which helped me achieve a more complete and rounded view of technology. At that same time, as my IT career evolved, so has my appreciation for the ‘human element’ in what is fast becoming a technology dominated world. Today, after years of working in small and large organizations, and through rounding my education in Human Resources and HR Investigations, as well as being a part of multiple project teams, I’ve come to realize that human resources are at the heart of what I believe it takes to have a productive and engaged organization.

I’m proud to be co-owner of Engaged HR and to be a lead investigator, providing project management expertise, and people-based solutions as we work to create more engaged and effective organizations for our clients.

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