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At Engaged HR we believe in learning. We believe in it so much that we’ve created a series of workshops and a certificate program in the Art of HR. These workshops will challenge you to grow, learn, and obtain new skills so that you can succeed in today’s ever changing workplace.

You can choose any one of our workshops or complete the full Certificate in the Art of HR.

Our workshops include:


The Art of HR Certificate Program

This certificate program encompasses the management knowledge and skill set necessary to manage employees through the entire employee life cycle. Completion of the Art of People Management and a combination of 3 days of additional sessions entitles the participant to a Certificate in The Art of HR.

For additional information about the Art of HR Certificate Program please contact us.


Our upcoming workshops:

At some point, every organization is faced with navigating a team member’s extended leave request. With today’s focus on employee retention, you don’t want to lose key people, but accommodating time off can cause unnecessary stress for everyone. Clarifying the intricacies of different leave types and addressing the HR challenges, risks and opportunities that come with leaves can be a real juggling act. The good news? Accommodating employee leave requests doesn’t have to be so complicated. Join us for The Art of Leave Management, where we’ll be exploring real-world, practical strategies for navigating the complexities of leaves, and identifying how to promote a smooth return-to-work process.

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Art of Onboarding

With so much effort being placed on finding the next star team member, we tend to neglect and under-deliver on onboarding, but don’t we want to make sure that all the effort we put into finding that new employee pays off? Then make sure you have a strong onboarding program that dramatically increases your chances of success. In this workshop you will learn the best practices and rock-solid components of an onboarding process worthy of your organization and your new hire!

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Art of People Management

As a manager, you are responsible for managing “the employee experience” at work. What does this responsibility involve? It requires placing a very strategic and intentional focus on creating the people management skills that contributes to effective performance among all your staff members.

This 3-day interactive program is designed to support managers of all levels through the various stages of the employee experience, creating the necessary leadership skills and strategies to effectively manage people to top performance and high engagement.

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