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Creating a Culture of Recognition

Employee Appreciation Day has everyone talking about how to recognize their employees today, but what about the everyday? What about creating a culture of appreciation that lives within your organization? Recognition and appreciation are…

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“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Image courtesy of cooldesign / One of the most important components of an effective recruitment strategy is your recruitment plan. Many times organizations attempt to fill a position without having thought through their plan…

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Top 3 Costly Mistakes When Hiring!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles,  / Engaged HR is often hired to help organizations navigate their way through the recruitment and hiring process. Through this experience, we have learned the good, the bad…

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What does your name tag say?

This week I have been staying at the Stamford Sheraton Hotel in Stamford, CT for some training and I just had to share this story with you! I was making my way…

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Are you a Reluctant Networker?

Does the term “networking” send shivers of dread down your spine? Have you ever skipped an event because you just couldn't bring yourself to enter a room filled with people you didn't…

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No Surprises Allowed!

You sit down with an employee for their annual performance review and there are two ways it can go: The employee is SHOCKED to hear your thoughts on how they are performing.…

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It Begins with Conception!

Many business leaders ask me how to solve retention problems.  They want a silver bullet of solutions that brings about immediate loyalty and hard work from employees.  I believe it is possible…

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