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Getting Comfortable with Salary Ranges

On November 1st all job postings in BC will require that expected pay, or pay range, be included on the job posting....

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Closing the Gender Pay Gap

On April 12, 2022 Canada will mark Equal Pay Day – a day dedicated to raising awareness of the gender pay gap....

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6 Reasons Why Training is Worth Every Penny

Building a solid team takes more than just good hiring practices, it also involves investing in professional development or something many of...

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Vacation in The Time of COVID-19

Whether employees are back at work or still off on layoff, the backdrop of the global pandemic has brought with it a...

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Update from the BC Employment Standards Branch

The BC Employment Standards Branch released a much-anticipated update regarding the interpretation of the Employment Standards Act (“ESA”). In its update, it...

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Update on Federal Government COVID-19 relief programs

On April 8, 2020 the Federal Government provided several important updates regarding previously announced programs designed to help employers and employers weather...

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Update on the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

This is an update to the March 31st HR brief. On April 1st Finance Minister Bill Morneau provided some additional details about...

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Federal Support Program for Businesses impacted by COVID-19

On March 30th The Federal Government announced an expansion of a the previously announced wage subsidy program for small and medium sized...

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Emerging Trends in Employee Leaves

Bill 8 was enacted May 30th, 2019 through BC’s Parliament and some of the most significant changes in BC’s Employment Standards relate...

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Employee Bonuses: Getting Rewards Right

Most companies offer employee bonuses in one form or another, but many employers don’t give much thought to their bonus allocation strategy. There...

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Secrets for Success: Employee Promotions

When handled well, employee promotions create opportunities to celebrate success, make employees feel appreciated, and have the added bonus of motivating other...

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Lieu Time – Too Good to Be True?

Lieu Time. To many employers, it sounds like the perfect alternative to paying overtime. Employees get the flexibility they’re looking for, and...

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