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HR Themed Movies and Shows to Watch in 2024

This new list of 10 additional movies/shows for HR professionals to geek out on is not in any particular order and includes...

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The Road Less Travelled: Pay Transparency in BC

Employers across BC are walking down a new path this Fall with the implementation of the Pay Transparency Act. If you haven’t...

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The Line in the Sand

Boundaries are funny things. They are the personal and interpersonal rules that you create for yourself, your guidelines around acceptable and unacceptable...

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The Face Staring Back at Me: Learning to Confront Unconscious Bias

I loved to draw when I was little. My sister and I would spend...

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Let’s Do an Icebreaker!

So often, those words are met with groans of disappointment, rolled eyes, and commiserating glances or comments with those at our table...

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Do Job Titles Matter to Gen Z?

Regardless of the sector you work in, a common theme you probably hear these days is frustration with Generation Z.  As we...

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Antidotes for Change Fatigue

Since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve experienced a seemingly constant wave of change – to the way we work, where we...

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The Six Ts of Virtual Employee Motivation

Are you surprised by the working world of 2023? When COVID-19 began, employers reacted quickly to the reality of telework and virtual...

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Reflecting on Ageism in the Workplace

“I still have music in me!” Did you watch the movie The Intern? In this heartwarming comedy, former executive Ben (Robert de...

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Remote Employee Monitoring

Despite the steady return to in-person living, employees are still seeing the value in working from home however a key question for...

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Organizational Change Pitfalls to Avoid

We’ve said this before, change is hard and resistance to change is futile. If you do a quick online search you will...

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Top HR Shows and Movies

As HR professionals we love HR. We love it so much that we often watch a movie or a show just to...

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