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Category: Performance Management

Handling Departures with Dignity

Most employers know that they need a solid onboarding process to start the employment relationship off on the right foot. But many companies neglect...

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Remote Employee Monitoring

Despite the steady return to in-person living, employees are still seeing the value in working from home however a key question for...

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Top HR Shows and Movies

As HR professionals we love HR. We love it so much that we often watch a movie or a show just to...

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Worried About Quiet Quitting?

Social Media’s latest buzzword has business leaders scrambling: quiet quitting. The phrase quiet quitting brings to mind images of employees sneaking out...

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Venting vs. Intervention: What Do You Want from Me?

Everyone needs to blow off steam sometimes. You’ve been there before: frustration, annoyance, or anxiety builds up, until the only thing that...

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Micromanagement 101: Learning to Let It Go

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the course of the pandemic, it’s the multitude of ways we can keep track of what...

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Impact of The Remote Workplace on The Employee Experience

If the words ‘employee experience’ conjure up visions of an organization existing to cater to the needs of its employees, you are...

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Taking the Time To Call People In

Amidst all the pandemic chaos, we’ve also seen big social shifts that reverberate at work.

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Communication Skills for Uncertain Times

During these uncertain times when our world is changing by the minute, we are learning new things on the fly, and we...

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Why You Should Make Diversity a Top Priority for Your Organization

There are many reasons why organizations choose to become more diverse and inclusive. For many, it’s an intuitive feeling, often articulated as...

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Running Effective One on One Meetings in an Online World

With more team members than ever working from home these days, managers have had to quickly learn how to manage remote teams....

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Mastering Working from Home – Tips for A Newly Remote Workforce

With most Canadians on lockdown as we cooperate to slow the spread of COVID-19, many are having to swiftly adjust to working...

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