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Category: Performance Management

Preventing Presenteeism

Most employers have a keen eye on absenteeism, but what about presenteeism? On the job time-wasting, when employees come to work and...

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Cheerleading Winning Cultures

Engaged is pleased to welcome guest blogger and DisruptHR speaker Silke Pleus. She is a highly adaptable Senior Human Resources & Business Leader...

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Stop Walking on Egg Shells!

Have you been here before? You have an employee who just isn’t performing and everyone is walking on eggshells around them? We...

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Help! My New Employees Burn Out!

Has this happened to you? You hire a new employee and they are doing great! They are eager, competent and picking up...

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Have You Felt the Cost of Poor Performance?

Poor performance and poor attitude comes at a cost to managers and organizations – they cost money, time, turnover, morale and energy. Underperformance...

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Performance Managing Employee Attitude

Performance management can be stressful even at the best of times. Sometimes we need to tell people they’re not working quickly enough,...

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Tackling Workplace Negativity Head-on

Negativity. On its own, it is a powerful word that conjures images of hushed conversations held by the water cooler at work...

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5 Strategies to Combat Complacency

We’ve all witnessed this scenario: A team member who used to be excited to come to work every morning starts sliding. It’s...

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5 Ways To Fix Your Feedback

We all know it’s important to give feedback on how employees are doing, but in most cases, the way feedback happens isn’t...

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Employee Feedback: Make the Right Impact

Here’s a scenario that every people manager is familiar with: An employee makes a mistake, or is displaying less-than-stellar performance. Since you...

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Performance Reviews: Time for a Revamp

Do you dread the annual performance review process? Don’t worry, you’re not alone; managers and employees both get anxious about performance reviews...

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Smart Ways To Use Employee Superpowers

Using employees’ natural strengths and aptitudes at work just makes sense, but performance reviews and daily feedback are often only centred around...

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