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Is This in Your Job Description?

I think we can all agree that job descriptions are important. A good job description will make sure that employee duties align...

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3 Secrets To Useful Exit Interviews

Your best employee just quit. Now what? Why should you meet with employees who are opting to leave your organization? Bottom line:...

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Good Employees Make Mistakes

So you’ve hired an awesome team of all-star employees, everyone is meshing well, employee engagement is fantastic, everything is going smoothly. And...

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6 Steps to Improved Performance

One of our most popular workshops is called Learning the Art of Discipline and Dismissal. This workshop focuses on how managers can...

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Performance Management 2.0

Lately there have been a number of articles posted about large companies redefining, rethinking and reinventing their performance management processes. Personally speaking,...

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Change Your Thinking Around Performance Management

A recent Harvard Business Review article, Reinventing Performance Management caught my attention. It is an excellent article that reviews how Deloitte is...

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Are You Avoiding a Difficult Conversation?

Providing feedback or disciplining employees can be a hard part of a supervisor or manager’s job. They can be difficult conversations to...

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Creating an Effective Performance Management System

Do you dread conducting the annual performance review with your employees? Do you feel like it takes forever to prepare for it,...

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No Surprises Allowed!

You sit down with an employee for their annual performance review and there are two ways it can go: The employee is...

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