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To Share or Not to Share

The investigation is done and the report detailing the findings of the investigation is ready for dissemination. The question that always seems...

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The Ups and Downs of Snow Days!

Did this week’s weather take you by surprise? This week has been filled with wild snowstorms, icy roads, and frigid temperatures. Many...

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How to Communicate with Employees on Leave

In a perfect world, every employee would be able to come to work in top notch shape and perform at 100%, without...

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Accommodating Parents: What’s an Employer’s Responsibility?

Most organizations recognize that having family-friendly policies is an important part of having a competitive employer brand. The truth is, it’s no...

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Cannabis at Work

Yesterday – on October 17th, 2018 recreational cannabis was legalized across Canada. This means that adults will be legally allowed to purchase,...

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Conflict Resolution: 5 Strategies for Workplaces

Every workplace experiences conflict. Whether it’s a tiff over whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher or deep disagreement over an...

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Lieu Time – Too Good to Be True?

Lieu Time. To many employers, it sounds like the perfect alternative to paying overtime. Employees get the flexibility they’re looking for, and...

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Stop Walking on Egg Shells!

Have you been here before? You have an employee who just isn’t performing and everyone is walking on eggshells around them? We...

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Overtime: The Least You Need to Know

Overtime. It’s a word that is synonymous with “headache” for many people managers and screams “over budget” to business owners. Administering overtime...

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The Sick Leave Conundrum

Sick Leave vs. PTO – How to Manage and What to Offer One of the common questions we receive is about sick...

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Gender Inclusion – Are You Following Best Practices?

By now, most employers are aware of the updates to the Human Rights Act that prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and...

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How to Smell a Dead Body

Engaged is pleased to welcome guest blogger and DisruptHR speaker Karissa Sovdi, HR Program and Projects Manager with the University of Victoria. Karissa’s blog...

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