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Prohibited Questions – How to Avoid Breaking the Law

There’s no getting around the fact that interviews can be a bit awkward. From the candidate’s perspective, nerves are running high, and...

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HR Best Practice: Recruitment and Selection

Did you know that many managers have never received any formal training in recruitment? In most organizations, it’s usually the HR professionals...

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News No One Wants to Hear: Regretting Candidates

“Hi John, thank you for your interest in a position with ABC company.  Although your background is impressive and we enjoyed our time...

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Leveraging Social Media: Tips for Job Seekers

Are you engaged in the social side of job searching? We don’t mean networking events and knocking on businesses doors, though that’s...

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Keeping Your New Hires Happy

When’s the last time you started a new job? It may have been a while since you’ve been the newbie in an...

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Pipelines We Can Stand Behind

One of the biggest mistakes employers make is waiting until they desperately need to fill a position before they look for candidates....

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Compensation – When is it Okay to Ask?

By now, you’ve likely heard about the controversy that arose when a SkipTheDishes HR representative cancelled a candidate’s interview after she asked...

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Onboarding Checklist: Set Them Up For Success

With the new calendar year well underway, many employers are looking ahead and thinking about what is coming down the pipeline. For...

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Employee Referral Programs – For More Effective Recruiting

With many Baby Boomers retiring, and relatively low unemployment rates all over BC, there’s a lot of competition for qualified applicants. Combine...

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Insider Secrets: Tips to Getting an Interview

As employers and people managers, most of us have been involved with working to hire the perfect fit as we grow our...

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Interview Checklist: Tips to a Strong First Impression

Congratulations! You’ve made it past the application process, your resume impressed the recruiters and hiring managers, you have successfully navigated the dreaded...

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Are You Wasting Time? Recruitment Time-Savers

If you’re like most employers, growing your team isn’t always the smoothest process. You’re working under time constraints, running shorthanded, and are...

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