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Forgetting Something? Why Reference Checks Matter

You’ve interviewed a rock-star candidate, and you’re beyond excited to bring them on board. You feel it in your gut: they’re the...

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A Mature Workforce – Better Than Aged Wine

Cheese, wine, blue jeans, cast iron … there are lots of things that get better with age, but older workers aren’t typically...

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7 Tips to Retaining Your Top Talent

Chances are, you already know that attracting and hiring the best-of-the-best to work for your organization is key to success. But getting...

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How To Promote A Winning Candidate Experience

As summer approaches, many organizations are kicking into full-fledged recruitment gear. You’ve nailed down your job description,  come up with a strategic posting...

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Employment Contracts: Why You Need An “Employment Prenup”

Let’s be honest. Nailing down the details of employment contracts isn’t the most exciting part of growing your team. But from a...

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5 Unexpected Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

Still using the same worn-out set of job interview questions you found in a Google search five years ago? If so, you’re...

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Is This in Your Job Description?

I think we can all agree that job descriptions are important. A good job description will make sure that employee duties align...

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How Millennial-Minded Are You?

Millennials now make up the largest segment of the Canadian workforce, and they’re set to make up 50% of the global workforce by...

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3 Secrets To Useful Exit Interviews

Your best employee just quit. Now what? Why should you meet with employees who are opting to leave your organization? Bottom line:...

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Maximize Employee Ability!

September is Disability Month, which presents a great opportunity to talk about how employers can easily accommodate an employee with a disability....

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Get Out of the Weeds!

It is SO easy to be “in the weeds” or to be “heads down” and be focused on a deliverable. Sometimes, we...

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Don’t Be an Amazon…?

This week has seen lots of press and publicity for Amazon and not all of it has been good! The New York...

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