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Is This in Your Job Description?

I think we can all agree that job descriptions are important. A good job description will make sure that employee duties align with your organization’s mission, vision, and values. Recruiting becomes easier when the position’s scope has been clearly articulated,…

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Get Out of the Weeds!

It is SO easy to be "in the weeds" or to be "heads down" and be focused on a deliverable. Sometimes, we forget to lift our heads up, look around and be in the present moment. This is something that…

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The Value of Innovation in the Recruiting Process

Today’s labour market is proving to be more and more challenging for employers. There are lots of jobs out there and not enough skilled talent to do the work. A recent report released from ManpowerGroup indicates that 32% of employers…

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Where Can You Be Brave in Your Life?

Recently, I had the pleasure of hearing Commander Rorke Denver, Navy SEAL Commander and Author, speak at Leadercast 2015. The theme of Leadercast was Bravery (#thebraveones) and Cmdr Denver’s talk was enlightening, thought-provoking and very funny. He acknowledged, very early…

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The Power of “Team Building”

Every organization, that is more than a one person company, has a team. You can be team of 2 or a team of 20 and you are still a team. The best part about being a part of an organization…

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Change Your Thinking Around Performance Management

A recent Harvard Business Review article, Reinventing Performance Management caught my attention. It is an excellent article that reviews how Deloitte is changing their performance management framework to something that they see as more “nimble, real-time and individualized” as well…

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4 Steps to Build an Effective Attraction Strategy

More and more we hear from employers that they are having a tough time finding good people in the pile of resumes that they received when posting their job opening. They have great jobs available and are a great place…

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A More Human Approach to the Workplace

Who do you want to be a human to? Sounds crazy I know but in today's busy workplaces, this can get lost and sometimes we are just numbers, just tasks on someone's to-do list or even just someone's problem. What…

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