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The 4-Day Workweek Conundrum

One of the consistent topics we hear about in recent months is the 4-day work week because let’s face it, we all...

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Lessons From the Home Front

There is a lot of talk about CEOs who are making the return to office mandatory, regardless of employee situation or request....

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Tips for Effective Team Meetings in a Hybrid Model

Over the last year and a half, organizations have had to completely change the way they work.

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Things to Consider About Workplace Vaccination Policy

More and more workplaces are either mandated by public health orders or are taking it on themselves to create a workplace vaccination...

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Returning to What Exactly?

As provinces across the country prepare for the grand “restart”, many are considering how to return employees to the workplace. Of course,...

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What a Year of WFH Has Taught Us

After navigating the “work from home” reality for more than a year now, you would think that employees would be chomping at...

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