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workplace-intentionAt Engaged HR, we are very interested in the whole concept of being intentional about the kind of workplace we create. One of our values is Intentional and what that means to us is that “our thoughts and our actions align with our intentions.”  Another one of our values is Strategic which to us means “We see the big picture and take strategic action.” For 2015 my personal theme has been “strategic intention” which resonates strongly with me and tells me that I will do what makes strategic sense and I will do it intentionally.  Hmmm, starting to sound like a bit of marketing spin.  So what does all this really mean?

What “creating workplaces with intention” means to us is that we aren’t winging it anymore and we aren’t putting up with an organizational culture that just came to be. Instead, we are creating a vision for the kind of workplace we want and then we are taking the necessary steps to make it happen.  So on a day to day basis, this means that we are aligning our actions with our desired outcomes.

Create the vision for the kind of workplace you want and then take the necessary steps to make it happen.Tweet:

For example, let’s assume you want a workplace that is focused on providing great customer service and making repeat customers out of everyone you serve. Then that means that you have to create a work environment that empowers your employees to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. Don’t ask them to get approval on every little thing. Be intentional in how you empower your staff so that they can embody the values you want to show your customers.

Another really simple example that I see all the time is when employers say that they are “family-friendly” in an effort to attract people who want to work for an organization that is going to support their need for a flexible work schedule to manage the parental dilemma of getting kids to and from school and get to work on time. Then when you look at the organization’s policies, you see that they haven’t created a workplace that supports this kind of flexibility when their policy states that they have to be at work by 8 am and if they are going to be more than 5 minutes late they have to phone their supervisor. Not very family friendly or flexible! Taking time to review your processes, policies and systems to make sure that you are walking your talk doesn’t take that long and can go a long way towards creating that workplace with intention!

The bottom line? Paying attention to what is going on around you pays off. It allows you to make changes, to influence and to manage impacts. It then allows you to set intentions about the kind of workplace you want to create and that will definitely pay off.

Your Engaged HR Assignment

Take time to look around, take off your blinders and see your workplace for what it really is. Is it how you want it?  If not, take intentional action to change it.

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