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Danielle SmeltzerWhile we take a relationships-first approach here at Engaged HR, Danielle Smeltzer truly is our key practitioner of exquisite relationship-building. As our director of business development, Danielle’s genius lies in bringing HR to life through our brand in order to grow Engaged HR in a sustainable way. In this dynamic leadership role, she works with our diverse spectrum of clients to help them transform their workplaces from good to great.

A passionate connector of people, strategy and solutions, Danielle has worked alongside CEOs and founders to help organizations adapt and grow in an ever-shifting world. She’s a curious and active listener who asks direct questions—an expression of her strategic ability to see through to root causes. Grounded and authentic, Danielle excels at maintaining an even-keeled perspective while figuring out creative solutions to even the most ill-defined and sticky problems.

Her gift of humour, paired with a unique mindfulness and wellbeing lens, helps everyone else stay rooted and grounded to do their best work. This is a true advantage when leading people and organizations through the tumult of change.

I’m a purpose-driven leader who believes in intentionality. I’m committed to transforming the workplace into a place where we can become more integrated with our authentic selves, so we can all experience mental, emotional and physical wellbeing while doing meaningful work.

Danielle joined our team in 2023, bringing more than 15 years in senior and executive leadership roles in tech, media and hospitality. A consummate learner, Danielle earned her diploma in visual arts, then went on to pursue Bachelor of Fine Arts (hons). She is a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher and health coach, and completed her Dare to Lead™ training in 202o. She is currently pursuing her CPHR and Somatic Experiencing Therapy certifications.

A true West Coaster, Danielle is a fisherwoman, an experimental gardener and a self-professed foodie with an affinity for sea salts and garnishes in tiny ramekins. She can often be found hanging out with her two rescue pups, devouring a new nonfiction book or soaking up a new podcast.

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