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Applications for the 2019 Engaged for Good™ program are now closed. Congratulations to this year’s recipient: Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness

About Engaged For Good™ 

Every day, we witness non-profit organizations work hard to deliver services that change lives and transform communities. Funding challenges often require these organizations to prioritize service to clients over service to employees, and the organization’s human resources needs take a back seat.

At Engaged HR we want to help to balance this focus, so we created Engaged for Good™, a community engagement project designed to provide HR services and supports to community organizations. The Engaged for Good™ project offers a non-profit organization with HR services, originally valued up to $2,500, last year, Engaged HR has added $5.00 from every ticket to DisruptHR to this pool of funds, resulting in a total of $4250.00 worth of support to the not-for-profit community.

Engaged for Good™ is our small way of giving back by helping a non-profit organization fund the HR projects that will help build an amazing workplace for those who give so much to our communities. At Engaged HR, we know that by helping an organization create a great place to work, we can help that organization change the world.

Every organization’s HR needs are unique, which is why the HR and legal expertise provided through Engaged for Good™ will be tailored to have the greatest impact. The project aims to work with organizational leaders to support people in the ways that matter most! Not sure how your organization might benefit? A few examples of HR tools and supports that could be provided through the Engaged for Good™ project:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Employee Handbook
  • Employment Contracts
  • Compensation Study
  • Policy Development

Applications for Engaged for Good™ 2020 will open in the fall following DisruptHR 4.0

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