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Lunch and Learn

Spend your summer lunch hours with us! Join us for a FREE weekly lunch and learn session on a variety of topics that we can all relate to.

The last year has shown that the way we work together is changing constantly and to be able to adapt, shift and meet the demands of these new dynamics is taking a new level of manager awareness. Our go-to tools, strategies, and practices aren’t getting the same results that they used to and it is time to up date our toolkit.  These sessions will do just that! Come ready to learn new tools, share best practices and meet new people as we dive in all the things that make managing people so interesting!

Summer 2021 Schedule

June 9, 2021 Living and Working from Home: Tips to Building Better Balance

June 16, 2021 The Angry Smile: Dealing with Passive Aggressive Behaviour at Work

June 23, 2021 Ready, Set, Breathe: Self-Care Strategies for the New Way of Working

June 30, 2021 Micromanaging: The Art of Letting it Go

July 7, 2021 Good Job! Recognizing the Work vs. the People

July 14, 2021 Resistance is Futile: Guiding Your Team through Change

July 21, 2021 Playing Favourites: When It Feels Easier to Connect with Some Staff vs Others

July 28, 2021 Toxic Workplaces: What to Do When It’s Hard to Breathe

August 4, 2021 Venting vs Intervention: Deciding on What the “Ask” Is

August 11, 2021 The Line in the Sand: TMI in the Workplace

August 18, 2021 Getting Ghosted at Work: When Your Voice Feels Lost in the Void


Past Topics

June 2019 – Generations in the Workplace (Flo Follero-Pugh)

May 2019 – Employment Contracts (Denise Lloyd)

April 2019 – Creative Recruitment Strategies (Michelle Philpott)

March 2019 – Leveraging Your Total Compensation Package (Theresa Henriksen)

February 2019 – Ask an HR Expert (Denise Lloyd)

January 2019 – To Pay or Not to Pay: Addressing the Overtime Question (Ruth Eden)

October 2018 – Building a Positive Culture (Theresa Henriksen)

September 2018 – Beyond the Smoke: Cannabis @ Work (Ruth Eden)

June 2018 – Employee Handbook 101 (Miranda Logan-Webb)

May 2018 – Recognition or Appreciation: do you know the difference? (Denise Lloyd)

April 2018 – Performance Managing Employee Attitudes (Leslie Liggett)

March 2018 – Building an HRIS Business Case (Lydia Amaral)

February 2018 – Our Love/Hate Relationship with Policy (Denise Lloyd)

January 2018 – Setting your new employee up for success – Onboarding tips for the real world  (Lyndsey Nelson)

November 2017 – Ask the HR Expert (Denise Lloyd)

October 2017 – Recruiting Front Line Talent in a Hot Labour Market – Tips for Success  (Ruth Eden)

September 2017 – Succession Planning 101 (Denise Lloyd)

June 2017 – Ask the Expert  (Denise Lloyd)

May 2017 – Deconstructing an Investigation  (Arie Epstein)

March 2017 – Conducting Performance Reviews (Ruth Eden)

January 2017 – How a Wellness Plan Can Save You Big Bucks (Miranda Logan-Webb)

November 2016 – Hiring for Fit (Denise Lloyd)

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