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Workplace Appreciation

Do you know the difference between recognition and appreciation?

Engaged HR offers half day in-person workshop that will help you answer that very question!

Studies consistently indicate that employee recognition and engagement are key to retention, yet employees are reporting that they don’t feel valued and appreciated in their workplace. At the same time, managers feel that they’re giving lots of recognition and appreciation and it isn’t making a difference. Clearly there’s a disconnect between what managers are doing and what employees are feeling!

Based on the book The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, this workshop will help you to identify the specific ways each person on your team will feel valued and appreciated and will give you the practical steps to creating a positive work environment.

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Limited seating, max 30 tickets.

At this workshop you will learn:

  • The easiest way to express appreciation to almost anyone
  • The difference between recognition and appreciation
  • How to have a wide-reaching appreciation impact on your team
  • Why managers get tired of expressing appreciation
  • Strategies for building appreciation into your workplace, and more!

You should attend if you want to:

  • Express genuine appreciation to employees and colleagues
  • Create a more positive work environment
  • Improve your ability to show appreciation to different co-workers or clients
  • Learn ways to motivate your employees without raising their pay
  • Make your workplace environment more encouraging and productive

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Facilitated by: Denise Lloyd, MA, CPHR – Founder and CEO of Engaged HR.

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