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Kenzie GeorgeI believe in the potential of people. With passion, drive, and appropriate support and training, it’s amazing to see how far people can go!

It is my purpose to help others on their journeys as they learn, grow, adapt, and succeed.

My passion is reinforced by both education and experience. A Master’s degree in Learning and Organizational Change acts as the theoretical backdrop for my specialization in leadership development, curriculum design, training and coaching, and organization-wide learning, while an MBA enables me to speak a client’s language and understand the challenges they face in their daily for-profit or not-for-profit work. Along my professional journey, I have gained experience in leadership development, training design and delivery, and professional development coaching. I enjoy my work most when in collaborative partnership with clients, developing strategic training solutions to best address each unique situation.

When the workday is over, I still love to learn! With a free hour or two, I enjoy traveling to a new world in a novel, enrolling in the odd course or class (topics ranging from poetry to archery and everything in-between), engaging in lively discussion about thought leaders or current events, and exercising my creative brain through writing, making music, or experimenting in the kitchen.

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