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Leslie Liggett

After a career spanning 25 years in senior management and human resources roles, I now thoroughly enjoy the challenge of consulting, lending my expertise and experience to a broad range of organizations and industries.

Since completing a Master of Arts degree at the University of Victoria and a certificate in non-profit management, my employment journey has presented a wide array of experiences, challenges, and opportunities working with a diverse range of people. Union and non-union, private, non-profit and education sector leadership – each of these environments has shaped my strategic, practical and tailored approach to helping organizations fulfill their potential through their people management practices. I have worked in both Canada and Hong Kong with individuals from all walks of life, and what stands out to me is how much we have in common. At a basic level, we all need to feel included, to feel valued, and to derive a sense of satisfaction and pride from our contributions at work.

Human resources consulting lets me dig into the challenges that teams and managers face at work, assess and solve problems, strategize, design systems and processes, and create clarity through effective policies and procedures. Engaged and engaging workplaces are such an important contributing factor to business success, as well as to our happiness and our sense of self, and I am rewarded by the privilege of seeing people grow, contribute successfully, and find meaning in their work.

When not working, I am often out walking my dog with other two and four-legged friends, relaxing and connecting with nature along the harbours and beaches of Sidney-by-the-Sea, or contributing to our community while broadening my experience through volunteer work.

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