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My initial career experiences were diverse, with forays into retail, banking, and training and implementing software. Over my years working full-time and attending University part-time, I discovered a passion for the people side of business – and the importance of having a sound HR presence in organizations. I went on to complete my Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources from Mount Royal University in Calgary, AB (brr!). Through the co-op education program there, and the work I’ve been doing since, I’ve continuously increased the scope and responsibility of my roles in HR. I have extensive background in HR, including: project and program management, system implementation and administration, policy and procedure creation, engagement, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, benefits, compensation, and global mobility.

My ultimate desire is to leave a positive influence on everyone I encounter through empathy, compassion, fairness and equality. I am driven to learn businesses in depth to help empower their employees and make each organization a great place to work.

After one too many winters of my eyelashes freezing together, I decided to move out West to the much warmer climate. Here, I enjoy many ‘extra-curricular’ activities such as attending continuing education courses (so much to learn!), volunteering with seniors (even more to learn!), hiking, reading, and travelling.

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