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Blog Sept 23Often when discussing HR issues that are consistently coming up for a business, it becomes clear that if the organizational leader were to communicate more often, some of these problems might not happen. These examples of what things look like when information isn’t available to staff may sound familiar for you. For example, one employee is consistently arguing with another staff member about what is happening with a project and neither of them has it right, another employee has virtually disappeared and isn’t communicating with anyone about their projects, and another employee is overcompensating by trying to keep everyone “in the loop”. They spend their day talking but not getting any work done and to make matters worse, they are spreading the wrong information throughout the organization. Yikes!

One best practice that I was shown recently was from Derek Fredrickson, CEO of Client Attraction Business School. He showed me his most recent communication tool and it was quick, easy and super effective.

Derek manages a team of 25, who are both in the office and located virtually around North America. So, what does he do? He turns on his iPhone, records a quick 5-minute video and sends it to his team.

What does he talk about? Well each week is different but generally speaking here is what could be covered:

  • Recent updates on the overall company activities,
  • Acknowledgement and celebration of accomplishments that have been happening in various departments or for the company overall,
  • An outline of who is responsible for what and who is working on what, for that week,
  • An inspirational connection to the vision of the company,
  • A comment about a challenge that may be going on and the CEO’s support of the staff to weather that challenge.

Ultimately, communicating to your team is about putting everyone on the same page, giving them information, inspiration, connection to the big picture and a feeling that “we are all in this together”Tweet: Communicate to your team, put everyone on the same page - give them information, inspiration, connection. @EngagedHR #HR #EmployeeEngagement

It doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t have to be long, it just has to show that you are sharing information and are making an effort to connect everyone together. And it can also be fun!

Your Engaged HR Assignment: Grab your phone, record a video and send it out to your team. Don’t overthink it – just say what is on your mind and be real. You will be surprised how “in the loop” people will feel – and it will be the right loop! If you like, send us your video – we would love to see you in action!

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