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Arie Epstein

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner, Arie Epstein provides strategic vision to our company direction, oversees our delivery of services, and keeps our team functioning at the high calibre we’re known for. His work continuously evolves the traditional model of HR outsourcing to the next level by adding value for our clients, designing, and bundling new services in response to what they need. A mentor to many, including our own team of HR business partners and managers, Arie builds strong relationships at every turn.

As a trained workplace investigator, Arie also conducts our more challenging workplace investigations through our sister firm, Libratum Workplace Investigations. Calm, observant and undisposed to panicking, Arie operates best in crisis.

Known for being able to devise out-of-the-box solutions for difficult issues, Arie thinks strategically, in big pictures. He’s a creative ideator who can rise well above the details, to the highest-level view, to see how all the pieces fit.

I am proud of our team, each one of them a remarkable individual full of passion and joy for the work that they do, and for life in general.

Strategic and solutions-oriented, Arie listens for the untold story, and is adept at finding and articulating the root causes of issues. As a business owner himself, he relates to the struggles that other executives experience and brings a uniquely valuable perspective that resonates. His diverse background bestows an uncommon attunement to issues of human justice, equity, and the nuances of socioemotional context. These translate into a sophisticated degree of empathy and relatability.

Arie’s path reflects his diverse interests, and includes a diploma in languages and literature, in computer programming and systems analysis, and in project management! He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and is a member of the Association of Workplace Investigators. His journey with Engaged began in 2011 as the CEO’s sounding board and strategic advisor and, by 2016, had evolved into overseeing our IT systems and the team.

Outside of work, Arie sees himself as a citizen of the world, having travelled to more than 30 countries so far, with plans for many more. Being one of the original prototype nerds, Arie created his first computer program, a game of Donkey Kong, at the age of 13, and went on to teach and publish textbooks on computer programming in later years.

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