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Kim Vincent-Lambert, CPHR

Senior People & Culture Partner

Meet Kim, our Senior People and Culture professional who blends expertise with genuine passion for people development. With a rich tapestry of certifications under her belt, Kim is not just your average HR guru. A proud holder of the Certified Human Resource Professional (CPHR) designation, Kim brings a comprehensive understanding of HR’s strategic role in driving organizational success. Her educational journey is adorned with a Human Resource Management Diploma & Honors Certificate, showcasing a deep dive into the nuances of HR practices.

But that’s just the beginning. Kim also holds a Business Management Diploma and a Business Administration Certificate, a Project Management Certificate, a Women’s Leadership Program Certificate, and a Learning & Development Certificate. What can we say, she loves to learn and grow, and uses all that knowledge to help our mission to Transform Workplaces.

Kim’s passion and expertise shine through in her unique approach to human resources. With a strong belief in the power of empathy, mentorship, and training skills, Kim is committed to ensuring that employees have the most enriching experience possible in their chosen careers. Understanding that people spend a significant portion of their lives at work, Kim strives to help employers see their staff as human assets, crucial to the organization’s success, rather than just individuals who clock in and out. Kim’s enjoyment comes from engaging in meaningful conversations with employees, aiming to discover how to make their work life smoother while simultaneously identifying opportunities to enhance efficiency for both the workforce and the company. Kim emphasizes the importance of professional development through a combination of learning opportunities and the nurturing of an individual’s growth within their capabilities and knowledge base. This holistic approach to HR not only fosters a positive workplace environment but also supports the continuous development of both employees and employers.

sometimes just asking the why or how opens doors and imagination on how things can be better.

Kim’s journey into Human Resources is as unique as it is insightful. Beginning not as an HR manager but as an Operational Manager, Kim has cultivated an invaluable perspective on managing teams, ranging from small groups to larger assemblies of administrative staff and management levels. This hands-on experience has allowed Kim to master the intricacies of performance management, effective communication, building trust, and adeptly navigating employment issues. Kim’s diverse background extends to working within various organizations, where understanding the nuances of collective agreements and their impact on both union and exempt employees became second nature. Whether serving as the sole HR presence on-site, liaising directly with C-suite executives and front-line workers, or leading a dedicated team of HR professionals, Kim has consistently prioritized the delegation and development of skills. This journey underscores Kim’s ability to blend operational management expertise with strategic HR leadership, making a significant impact across all levels of an organization.

When Kim isn’t navigating the complexities of human resources, you’ll find her embarking on virtual adventures through her unique hobbies. With a passion for travel that transcends the usual tourist trails, Kim has a knack for scouring the internet to discover one-of-a-kind accommodations and eateries that add an extra layer of excitement and authenticity to her journeys. Whether it’s a hidden gem in a bustling city or a secluded retreat in the countryside, Kim’s pursuit of the extraordinary ensures that every trip is a story worth telling.

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