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Nicole is pleased to join Engaged HR for Special Projects serving in the Canadian official language of your choice.

Nicole has always been fascinated by leadership and has spent over 20 years observing, researching and studying the impact of leaders on employee engagement, performance, and organizational effectiveness. She has worked across Canada in diversified fields including industrial, manufacturing, mining, non-for-profit, public service, retail, financial, and education.  She noticed, no matter where or what field of work, there is a significant and common misunderstanding of the role of leadership in the workplace resulting in many avoidable, unfortunate, and frustrating situations. It has become an unnecessary phenomenon she calls; generated from a gap in reviewing our leadership paradigms and practices of human resources, in a constantly evolving and changing society.  She claims that our unconsciously programmed mind is preventing us from being successful 21st century leaders.

Nicole Marchand has a business background with a Master’s degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University.  She now dedicates her professional life to support organizations in building the leadership awareness and capacity to build the engaging workplace environments everyone deserves.

Her passion for leadership and organisational effectiveness is palpable.  She generously shares her expertise, pushes the reflection and provides forward-thinking leadership approaches to leaders at all levels of the organizations.  She empowers them to leverage their purpose and passions, develop a different mind-set, and become successful 21st century leaders through courage, rigor, focus and discipline. Get ready to bring your leadership journey to a whole new level.

Nicole lives in Ottawa and has been happily married to Don for over 30 years. They have one son Eric and a 3 year old grand-daughter Chloé Jade who live in British Columbia.


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