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Ready to Implement

For some organizations, the solution you need is readily apparent.  You have an immediate need and you don’t have in-house capacity or expertise to get the work done quickly.  This is where Engaged HR comes in.  We have a number of ready to implement solutions that can support you in getting the job done quickly, efficiently and effectively.  We can have a solution for you long before you find time to in your calendar to get it done yourself.



If hiring is your priority, we help you recruit, train, and retain the right people using the most appropriate channels and current best practices. Learn more…


Bullying and Harassment Compliance

With the new Work Safe BC legislation in place, every employer needs to revise their policies and train their staff.  We can do this for you. Learn more…


Transition & Outplacement

It doesn’t always work out with employees.  When this happens, we can support you with the planning, messaging and the departure itself.  For those employees you want to help move to their next opportunity, we can assist with that as well. Learn more…



He said/She said.  We have all been there and it can be a mind field to untangle.  Engaged HR can provide that objective third party review of a situation and provide you with an analysis, a recommended next step and a clear path to change so that it doesn’t happen again. Learn more…

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