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StellaI am lucky to have had a long and successful career in the business world. I began my office career at the young age of 12 weeks, working in a part time capacity while I grew into my paws. By the age of one, I had moved up the ranks quickly and been promoted to full-time Office Canine. My previous career has involved providing servant-leadership style support to a variety of people in industries including recruitment, accounting, immigration, and IT.

My versatile skillset and ability to work effectively with people from all walks of life (as long as they will pet me) has allowed me to wear a variety of hats within each organization I’ve worked for. Though I’ve worked in diverse positions including Foot Warmer, Snack Sampler, and Security Specialist, the role I always gravitate back towards is in Reception Support, as Chief Greeting Officer.

In addition to my formal duties enthusiastically welcoming office visitors to Engaged HR, I am proud to be an ex-officio member of the Wellness Committee, where I provide insight on stress management techniques. As well, I am an enthusiastic participant in food-related Social Committee activities (when it doesn’t interfere with my nap schedule).

Areas of particular interest to me include camping, sleeping, snacks, naps, snuggles, dozing, snoozing, and snorting.

My dislikes include getting poked in the eye (#pugproblems), climbing stairs, beeping noises, and vegetables.

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