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Theresa Henriksen

I enjoy supporting Leaders to understand and apply positive people practices to drive teams to excel, develop individuals’ careers, and strengthen their own leadership effectiveness. Playing a role in others’ growth and knowing I’ve made an impact that’s contributed to helping people achieve or surpass their goals is what motivates me and provides satisfaction in the work that I do.

HR can be a tough arena to play in with the variety of issues that come up, so having a sense of humour and ability to keep things in perspective is key. I have a passion for supporting initiatives that strengthen relationships between employees and employers – essentially from selecting the right team members, setting clear expectations through onboarding, building relationships through effective leadership and sharing feedback, to career development and transition.

My experience includes recruitment and selection, training and development, performance review planning, discipline, separations, employee engagement, succession planning, restructuring, compensation reviews, employee handbook and HR policy development, and professional coaching. My favourite project at Engaged HR is our HR Inventory, where we have the opportunity to review an organization’s HR practices and resources, and offer recommendations to strengthen the employee experience.

With more than twenty years’ experience as an HR professional, I continue to learn and apply new skills to support leaders and organizations enhance their culture and create desirable workplaces. Having worked in the Hi-Tech, Retail, Hospitality & Tourism, Telecommunications & Service, Municipal, Construction, and Not-for-Profit industries, the common theme I see is that people are at the heart of making great things happen!

I am an active member on the Vancouver Island Region Advisory Council for CPHR BC & Yukon, and have been a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) since 2005. When I take my HR-hat off, you’ll find me having fun with my two kids, jogging or hiking around trails in town, practicing my golf swing, or playing with new recipes in the kitchen.

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