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With employers shifting to a work from home model in an effort to slow down the progression of COVID-19, WorkSafeBC issued guidance on employer and worker responsibilities for ensuring their workspace is safe.

Develop a health and safety policy

Employers should ensure that they have a basic health and safety policy for working from home and communicate it to the entire organization.

At a minimum, this policy should have employees conduct an assessment of their workplace and report any hazards to their manager.

Other elements to consider in the policy include evacuation protocols and ergonomic considerations.

Key Employer and Employee obligations when working from home

Many of the health and safety roles, rights, and responsibilities are applicable for at home workers. These include:

  • Reporting workplace injuries
  • Education and training requirements
  • Following safe work procedures
  • Workers who work alone or in isolation require check-in and other procedures.

For more information: WorkSafeBC

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