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HR on Retainer

HR on Retainer


Our HR on Retainer service package is fully tailored to match the day-to-day needs of any business of any size. Retainer services range from a few hours of scheduled consulting every month in order to help you uncover your most pressing human resources challenges to full access to an Engaged HR professional to guide HR management, including:

  • Aligning policies to expansion
  • Ensuring compliance with employment laws
  • Managing growth-related employee challenges
  • Developing and implementing programs to define and promote organizational culture

Skillfully navigating complex HR issues is not a luxury—it is an essential factor of your business’s bottom line. With our HR on Retainer package, we can help you realize your vision of an ideal workplace, so you can attract and retain talented, productive, happy employees who will help you grow your business.

Our HR on Retainer service package provides day-to-day HR and is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that are growing or making changes to establish or improve the workplace.

What our fans say…

Best experience I have had with an HR professional

Perfectly tailored to our organization’s needs


Your business’s HR challenges may require more than a quick fix. Our experts will work with you to determine which combination of services best addresses your immediate and long-term needs.

Some of our retainer customers include:

Not sure which option will serve you best?

Contact us and tell us what’s happening at your workplace. Whatever it is, we have a solution that’s perfect for you!

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