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When something happens that involves a workplace investigation, it isn’t always a pleasant time and it can be difficult to separate yourself from the situation. Situations that involve an investigation are often emotional, confusing and reactionary. This is when it can be really helpful to bring in an objective third party to review what has happened, to make recommendations for change and to give you a sense of direction moving forward. Investigations also provide you with an opportunity to examine a situation from many angles, and not just from your own line of sight. Investigations are best done as soon as possible after a precipitating event and it is helpful to act with the guidance of an human resources professional to ensure that your actions are well thought out, following legal guidelines and not going to make the situation worse instead of better.

Engaged HR is called into investigate situations that involve employee relations, violence and bullying in the workplace and inappropriate behaviour by employees. We assess the situation, interview employees where necessary and provide a written report outlining our findings and our recommendations for next step action. We guide employers through any disciplinary steps with employees and we also work with employers on identifying the root cause of the investigation to help identify how to resolve the problem so that it is less likely to occur again in the future.

With the experience of Engaged HR at your side, the investigation process and outcomes can be well managed, less stressful and resolved appropriately, saving you time, money and headaches!


Contact us and tell us what’s happening at your workplace. Whatever it is, we have a solution that’s perfect for you!

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