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How to Optimize your Recruitment Process

Have you been finding that your usual go-to sites for posting jobs has been returning a lackluster or minimal result? In a tight labour market as we are currently experiencing, we want to ensure that we stand out amongst our competitors to prompt the job seeker to click on our job posting and most importantly, apply!

In fact, choosing the platforms to post your jobs is typically where your recruitment process starts (after the job analysis, job description and job posting have been created of course), but did you know that there are some additional practices that you can implement that can save you time with your recruitment efforts?

Here are some time saving tips to incorporate to get the most out of your recruitment process:

1. Build and retain your employer brand. Creating a strong, recognizable, and reputable brand puts your organization on the map and helps job seekers envision what it would be like to work for your company. Check out the careers section on your website to see what potential applicants see. Are you showcasing your company properly by outlining why your organization is a great place to work and is the overall website inviting and straightforward to use? If you don’t already have a careers section on your website, now is the time to invest in one.

2. Job titles. Have you ever seen a job posted with an ambiguous title? You’ll want to ensure that the job title is reflective of the role. The less vague the job title the more applicants will click on the posting. In addition, it makes things easier for applicants to find the job posting when it has a standard title that job seekers are searching for.

3. Use plain English. Make sure that your job postings use language that helps paint the picture for applicants and invites them to continue reading and apply! The job posting not only tells the reader about the day to day duties and competencies required, it’s also your marketing opportunity to give the job seeker a sneak peek into your organization and why it’s an awesome place to be.

4. Consider the ease of your application process. As job seekers are using their mobile devices to get updates on jobs, you’ll want to ensure that the application process can be conveniently completed by the click of just a few buttons. You may lose quality applicants if the process is too cumbersome so have a look at some of the easy to use and inexpensive Application Tracking Systems (ATS) that are available.

5. Deliver a great candidate experience. Whether it’s ensuring that your ATS auto-emails all job applicants after they have submitted their application or confirming that your screening & interview process is undertaken in a timely manner, these are simple practices that you can implement. If you can confidently do this every time, word of mouth on your company and its recruitment processes travels fast and candidates will be lining up to apply and be a part of your team!

Your Engaged HR Assignment:

Looking to hire your next star candidate? Review your careers section on your website and take a look at your entire application process to double check that it’s streamlined, user friendly, and prompts job seekers to apply.

Don’t have a solid recruitment process in place yet? We’re just a phone call away!

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