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Engaged HR is often hired to help organizations navigate their way through the recruitment and hiring process. Through this experience, we have learned the good, the bad and the ugly ways to hire staff. Here are some of the lessons learned!
1. Rushing it never pays off. Many organizations rush through the hiring process in an attempt to get someone into a position as quickly as possible. Tight deadlines on accepting applications, lack of strategy when structuring hiring panels, skipping reference checks have all proven to cost employers time and money and result in bad hires. Taking time with each of the critical components of the hiring process will ensure you hire someone who is the best fit with your organization in the long run. As you head towards critical business periods, be careful that you aren’t short cutting the process and as a result, short changing yourself of a successful hire.
2. Lack of clarity creates confusion. Before you post your position and ask for resumes, be sure that you are clear what position you are hiring for, and what skills are most needed to do a good job. Take a moment and reflect on whether the position is really needed, is described properly to ensure you attract the right kind of candidates, and above all, is the position you actually are hiring for. Many times I have sat in interviews with a client only to have them ask about skills that aren’t relevant to the position. When I ask why, it is because they really want someone to do an entirely different job than the one they are hiring for.
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3. Settling is costly. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This is so true when it comes to recruitment.  You are better to implement some different strategies and to get creative with your attraction strategy than to settle for the best you could find at the moment that you looked. A wrong hire always costs you money.
We have all been guilty of these errors in our recruitment and hiring processes. The best thing to do when it happens is to learn from it and look for ways to never repeat it!
View the Recruitment Process Outline of the critical components of the hiring process, provided by Engaged HR.   
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